Original Chinese women's volleyball team two national players with frame flame dance! The Olympic champion's face is full of joy and tolerance, and his long legs attract the eyes

 华彩快三网赚平台     |      2020-08-05 21:33
Original title: two Chinese women's volleyball players dance in the same frame! After a short period of trimming, the Chinese women's volleyball team opened the second training session of this year in early July. This time, the Chinese women's volleyball team added a lower profile to the training program. So far, a clear training list has been released in foreign countries. It is reported that compared with the last training, the training lineup has made some adjustments, but the turning point is not big. Hu Mingyuan, who is taking part in the training program, has shown a video of her dancing with Olympic champion Gong Xiangyu in the same frame. They accompany the music and set out on a colorful and fast three net earning platform. Gong Xiangyu's long legs are equally eye-catching.

Hu Mingyuan showed a video of her dancing with Gong Xiangyu on the platform of Huacai kuaixiao, and said, \